DSA won the project “Living with 47 chromosomes in our country”, supported by Ministry of Culture. This project was implemented on March, 2016. Activities of the project consisted:

- Exhibition called “Pikture Personale”, in Bulqize, of Irma Nika, 18 year old girl with DS from Bulqiza. This exhibition was opened firstly for the public in the city of Bulqiza.
- Moving exhibition “Edhe une jam veper arti”, in four cities of Albania
- Photo reportage with children/adults with DS in different cities of Albania, to present their daily life in the cities where they live.
- Edition of this photo reportage
- Meeting and concluding exhibition, where will be exposed photos captured during these travels.


DSA won the project “Support me, develop me, and guide me for an independent and inclusive life”

- Early intervention (physical therapy, psycho motor skills, developmental and occupational skills, pedagogical assistance and speech & language therapy);
- Trainings and meetings in order to support parents group.
- Evaluation and treatment of children with DS in different cities of Albania and informative/ orientation meetings at the family of child with DS in cities, villages which cannot benefit from the services next to DSA Foundation.


Implementation of a project supported by US embassy, through “Small Grants for Democracy” valued 9.700$. Through this project we implemented:

1. Organization of a scientific Conference “Health issues for Individuals with Down Syndrome”. In this conference, 120 pediatric, family doctors and obstetrician gynecologist were updated with the latest scientific information about the diagnosis and its treatment, that associate DS.
2. Edition for the first time in Albanian of Health Guide for Individuals with Down syndrome. This guide helps the medicals and family of individuals with DS to be more careful about the health examinations according to the health protocol for DS. Health Guide for Individuals with DS in Albanian language is a translated edition authorized by European Down Syndrome Association, member of which is DSA as well.
3. Information and trainings of 120 staffs from nurseries and kindergartens of municipality of Tirana, with the adequate techniques for care, assistance in development and education of children with DS, age 0-6 year old.
4. Information about 120 members of families of individuals with DS about the rights for Inclusive Education and the right for quality of health services.


DSA is part of consulting round tables of work group about the reforms of Medical Commission of Work Ability (KMCAP), next to the Ministry of Welfare and Youth.