Individual counseling with psychologist

Individual Counselling

Most of the parents focus too much in taking the best possible care for their children. It is also important to take good care of yourself as well. This way, you will begin to feel better, stronger and more prepared to take responsibility as a parent. It may also help you develop and maintain a positive attitude, which is necessary to succeed while facing the challenges ahead. At Achievement and Development Centre in Down Syndrome Albania, parents can take part in individual counselling.
These are some advices that might be valuable to parents:

Be patient with yourself
The path towards accepting is a process, so give yourself time to deal with your emotional feelings. You may often feel like you are taking a few steps back , however that does not necessarily mean you are not making progress. If you think it would be useful, do not hesitate to contact our psychologist. He might help you find new ways to face your problems and be confident about your skills and abilities to deal with the situation.

Build a support system
Your family and friends will be a great support for you. Try to create a close group of people where you can speak freely of your concerns about raising your child. This will allow your loved ones to understand what you are going through and gives them the opportunity to offer support and comfort.

Take care of your physical health
Studies show that maintaining a healthy diet and exercising may lower tiredness, nervousness and risks of health issues and complications.

Practice – “Living the moment”
While it is important to think about the future, your concerns regarding it may lead you towards experiencing feelings of anxiety. Even though it may seem hard, try to concentrate on what you can actually do in the present. If you find yourself at any moment worrying about a specific situation, try this strategy:
1. Identify the problem
2. Consider all the options
3. Make a decision
4. Set a date in the future to assess your decision's progress
5. Meanwhile, have confidence that your decision is the right one

Never forget the important things in life
Nourish your relationship with your partner, child , friends and family. Communicate with each other, laugh, have fun together, celebrate your traditions and make sure you are spending quality time with your child with DS and not concentrating too much on his limited ability. The fact that your child has DS is a challenge but that doesn't change what is truly important in this life.